rombo Who Are We?

Funded on 2004, IMTEX S.R.L. offers more than 9 years of textile experience. We are located in El Alto - La Paz, Bolivia. We are 100% vertical, producing goods all the way from yarn, fabric knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing and embellishment, to the finish garment. Working with the latest technology, and a total capacity to produce 60,000 kilos of finished fabric and 120,000 units of finished garments per month. We specialize in 100% microfiber Polyester and 100% Cotton. Generating employment to more than 450 people in Bolivia. With a very flat organization, known as one of the most efficient textile organizations in the country.


To bring our customers a competitive advantage though quick response, excellent quality at a competitive price..

rombo VISION

To place our company among the most important companies in Latin America, and to set an example to other organizations..


• To get high efficiency levels with responsibility and ethics.

• To achieve tangible benefits to our customers, promoting our efficiency, productivity, and professionalism.

• Provide to our customers, competitive prices, and genuine products.

• To achieve continuous labor growth so we can contribute to our country's growth.

• To promote a dignifying and responsible labor environment, complying with our country's labor laws while protecting our environment.

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